Saturday, May 31, 2014

Website is Live!

[6/6]: I figured out why my naked domain didn't link back to my site thanks to Nitecruzr. Found a fix for the favicon issue thanks to Dear Silly Blog . I need to give additional thanks to all of the awesome places on the web that have helped me build my new website. I couldn't have built a site at all without Silvia Liu Land and all of the awesome Blogger tutorials. Same goes for Confluent Forms which provided the Boy Burns Blog template on which the site is based. And finally, I want to thank Blogger/Google for providing this blog in the first place.

[6/4]: DNS changes have kicked in and the site is displaying properly, but it's taking forever for the favicon to display. C'MON FAVICON, LET'S GO ALREADY!

[6/1]: Right now, I'm waiting for the DNS changes to kick in. I'm hoping it does without any problems. Currently, the blogger address of my new site redirects to my old site that is under my domain name. I'm crossing my fingers that this changes without incident in the next day or so.

[5/31]:The new site is completely finished and ready to go. The only thing left is adding the domain, which will be done as soon as my old site's hosting expires tomorrow.

Some interesting things to look at are the custom social media icons that I made, that are sitting to the left. I was going for an irregular splattery look.

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